Voice and Void Theatre

We believe that:

  • Acting precedes leaving, singing proceeds talking, dancing proceeds walking
  • Theatre of the Future is Theatre of intellectual Sensitivity
  • Theatre is an Energy accelerator
  • Passion's plasma is alive in theatre, while we are the trace it leaves in time.
  • Present day theatre conceals, diminishes and subdues; it is a voyeur, a gossip, an eclectic.
  • The recognizing of the role of actor moves towards self-recognition of actor.
  • Ego of the role creates Ego of the actor
  • The psychological actor is insufficient
  • Time is heard, Space is seen
  • There is Interpersonal Theatre and there is Interontological Theatre
  • To act it means to be in conscious
  • The theatre is theatre of ecstasy, unpredictability, prophesy, longing
  • The main characters in Theatre are believes, ideas, drives, unconsciousness, and the main actors - Birth and Death
  • We are looking for Theatre as a process, co-creation, becoming, as a primordial status of our desires and drives