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Irinia Delina


Irinia Delina is a playwright, musician, philosopher, film director and artist. She is the author of multiple poetry books, treatises of Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Music, a project for “Theatre of Intellectual Sensitivity - Beyond Artaud and Grotowski”.
Irinia’s latest plays - “I, Justine, or the Misfortunes of Innocence” and “Gesualdo, or the Misfortunes of Cruelty” - “ ... two poems - one charged with explosives …., the other with Shakespeare.” “Mozart clad in words ...”
She is co-author of “Libido Significandi, or the Lust for Meaning” with Johann Ge Moll called by Martha Singer “One of the richest and most unique book of our time.
Director of “Rimbaud” musical drama, “I, Justine or the Misfortunes of Innocence”
Member of the Board of the Directors of G2 Institute for Integral Aesthetics, California
* Also Irina Delina, Irinia Delin

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Avrora Timev


Avrora Timev is an actress, pianist, musician and opera singer. She studied piano with prof. Ivan Drenikov at the National Music Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and philosophy at the St. Kliment Ohridsky University in Sofia. Her voice teachers include Annette Goeres (Berlin), Zoila Munoz (California) and Galya Pavlova (Sofia). Avrora was an actress in Alma Alter Theater Laboratory, 2007-2009, an experimental theatrical company, and participated to Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards Workcenter Summer Intensive Program in 2015. As a musician, she performed in numerous baroque, vocal and organ classical concerts; in Mozart’s Requiem in 2013. She was the solo singer and piano player of “Rimbaud“- a musical drama for voice, piano and violin. Her movie debut was in “Moon Lake”, 2005, directed by Ivan Stanev. She is a co-founder with Irinia Delin, Johann Ge Moll, and Silviya Stanoeva of the Voice and Void Theatre Company.
In her words: “Theatre must pierce the flesh of reality, being the universal impulse of all arts. That’s why the only way to act, is to act, sing, dance and improvise simultaneously, expressing music, drama and poetry in voice intonation.”

Silviya Stanoeva


Silviya Stanoeva is an actress and singer. She won “Outstanding Acting” Award at GATS Beijing Theatre Festival for her part of Cassius in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and "Nirvana", an IKAR National Theatre Award in Sofia for her leading part in “Clair, Madam, Solange” based on Genet's play "Les Bonnes", directed by Kasiel Noah Asher, as well as an award for main actress for the same part at the 2013 Vratsa Theatre Festival.
Silviya participated in numerous acting workshops –including Michael Chekhov’s technique workshop with Graham Dixon in MCC, London and classes at Ivana Chubbuck's studio in Los Angeles. She participated to Sarajevo’s Talent Campus in 2013 SFF. Silviya was the soloist in the acoustic concerts “Crazy in Love” and “Toxic”.
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Johann Ge Moll


Johann Ge Moll M.D. is a playwright, poet, philosopher, violinist, psychiatrist, a scientist with an encyclopedic scope of knowledge, and religious philosopher. He teaches Psychoanalysis, Dramaturgy, Philosophy of Music and Creative Writing in various European and American universities. In the USA he is affiliated with G2 Institute for Integral Aesthetics as a fellow and lecturer.
Plays: "Hölderlin" "Anti-Faust" - Intellectual Comedy for Theatre with version for modern opera - five part Musical in suite form, for instruments, men's voices and pauses. "The Murder of the Gods - The Metamorphosis of the Religious Spirit" - 4 plays Co-author of "Libido Significandi or the Lust for Meaning" Berkeley, 2007 with Irinia Delina " Confessiones. History of Linguistic Hypocrisy. The Revolt of Mediocres" , Sofia, 1999- bestseller
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